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Teach you how to buy padlocks

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Padlock is the necessary thing to lock the door. It is matched with padlock to achieve the purpose of locking the door. If there is no padlock lock, no place to attach the safe padlock, can not play the role of the lock. The quality of the lock is good. If the quality of the lock is not good, the safety quality of the lock will be greatly reduced in another angle. The thief can't unlock the lock. But if the lock with poor quality can be unlocked, the purpose can also be achieved. So when purchasing lock, we should also pay attention to the quality of padlock lock.


When purchasing padlock lock buttons, users should choose lock buttons according to the size of the door. If the lock on Noda's door is too small, the corresponding padlock will be small, not only inconsistent, but also constitute a potential safety hazard. Just like in a door where security is very important, if a child under 10 is on duty, the thieves will easily pass by. Conversely, it is not good to install a big lock and a big padlock on a small door. So when purchasing locks, you should watch the size of the door or the size of the cabinet, and then choose the appropriate locks to avoid the size is not appropriate.

Quality problem

Some people often pay attention to the quality of the lock, but ignore the quality of the padlock lock. In fact, the importance of both is the same. Neither of them is indispensable. It should be said that 50% of them are indispensable. In practical application, ignoring any aspect of it may cause potential safety hazards. In addition to the metal hardness of the lock itself, the quality of the lock must be good, but also have a certain degree of flexibility, can not be a bend, or even bad metal. There is also a good lock in the work, the gap must be tight, otherwise a screwdriver gently pry, wrapped iron will be pry open, so several times back and forth, wrapped iron will fall off the pillar, doors will naturally be opened, at this stage, even good, strong padlock also lost its significance, where can we talk about safety.

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